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Bokka Terms of Business

Terms of Business

Last Updated: 1st of March 2018

Please read these Terms of Business (hereinafter “Terms”) carefully before using the services provided by Bokka Limited (hereinafter “ Company”). The Company is a Digital Asset trading exchange platform which is a service that allows verified Users to trade different digital assets with other users (hereinafter “Services”).

As a customer of the Company (hereinafter “You”, “Your” or “User”) Your access to and continued use of the Services as a User is conditioned on Your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, Users and others who access or use the Services. By accessing or using the Services you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the Terms then You may not access the Services.


The following terms used in these Terms of Business shall have the meanings specified below;

“ Terms of Business ” refers to the entire agreement constituted as terms of service.
“ Digital Asset ” means all forms of virtual currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum etc.
“ Verified ” means applicants and registrants who have completed the registration process prescribed by the Company and qualify for access to use Services.
“ User ” means anyone that uses the website and the content on the website, who is and who is not eligible for the Services.
“ Registered User ” means a registrant whos account is given a Verified status after a verification process has taken place as prescribed and approved by the Company.
“ Registration Information ” means information required by the Company to process an application for a user to become Verified as a Registered User.
“ Platform ” means the interface, servers, software and other components which are used by the Company to provide Services.
“ Fees ” means the fees payable to the Company upon specific operations by Registered Users of the Service.
“ Address ” means the desired destination used for the purpose of tranferrıng or receiving any kınd of Digital Asset.
“ Account ” means an entity which holds a record of the history of operation conducted by a Registered User on the Platform using the Service provided by the Company.
“ Fees Page ” refers to bokka.com/about/fees
“ Trade ” means a completed or partially completed operation to exchange one Digital Asset for another different Digital Asset using the Company’s Platform
“ Order ” means a request on behalf of clients, to perform a desired transaction over the Internet using The Company’s Platform.
” Intellectual Property Right “ means data including copyright, patent right, utility model right, trademark right, design right, transaction price that can be acquired by various APIs developed or provided by The Company or its affiliates, chat and other correspondence with The Company, published documents, databases, website content and assets, graphics, software, applications, programs, codes etc.


Anyone who wishes to use the Service accepts and agrees to comply with these Terms. Users must provide certain information (hereinafter referred to as “Registration Information”) determined by the Company and provided by the methods specified by the Company.

By registering to use the Services provided by the Company Users verify that;

  • They are not a member of a political party or are a politically exposed person.
  • They are not part of any anti-social forces such as organized crime groups or part of extremist political or social movements.
  • They are not part of government special intelligence agencies.

The Company reserves its right to conduct any criminal background check or other similar screenings using portals such as Lexis Nexis or other methods available to the Company.

Acceptance of a new Users registration is purely discretionary to the Company. Should the Company accept a Users registration, they will be notified to that effect.

Should a Users application be rejected, the Company will not be obligated to clarify or elaborate on the reason for declining an application. Furthermore, the Company will not be obligated to return the registration documents or delete them from its records.

Upon completion of the registration, a contract for use of this Service pursuant to the provisions of this agreement is established between the registered User and the Company so that registered Users can use this Service in the way specified by the Company as described herein.

Change of Information

Where a Registered User wishes to change any information earlier provided during registration, the User shall notify the Company of the required change according to the method specified by the Company without delay and submit the materials requested by the Company.

Individual Account Management

Every Registered User is responsible for keeping their own accounts and information secure at all times. Including therein;

i) User IDs, Account Numbers and Passwords used for accessing the Service.
ii) Authentication codes, Security Code and similar private codes by any other name used for authorizing some kind of transaction in relation to the Service.
iii) Individual accounts shall not be used by third parties to lend, transfer, name change, perform trading unless allowed by the Company.
iv) Registered users shall bear the full responsibility for damages caused to themselves from inadequate management of User IDs, Account Numbers and Passwords due to errors in use, leakage, use by third parties, theft, etc., The company will not bear any responsibility.
v) Where a User IDs, Account Numbers and Passwords is stolen or used by a third party, the Registered User of that account shall notify the Company immediately and in accordance with instructions from the Company.

Costs and Fees

i) While using the Service, each Registered User must pay the Fees specified in the Fees Page. The Company reserves its right to change the fees and fee structure at any given time at its own discretion, the Company will make reasonable efforts to let Users know about any occurring changes.
ii) The Fees specified in the Fees Page include taxes, charges and operational costs needed by The Company to perform each necessary transaction through its website and, or platform.

Inactivity Fee
The company reserves the right to charge an inactivity fee to accounts which have balances but have not made a trade over a 30 day period. This inactivity fee will be charged per every 30 days after will the account has still not been used to make a trade. The inactivity fee rate may change from time to time at the discretion of the Company.

Exchange Fee
There are two participants in every Trade. Both parties are charged a fee. This Fee is paid to the Company for its service of providing the environment where those two participants can exchange with one another.

Withdrawal Fee
A withdrawal fee is a Fee that the Company charges per each withdrawal transaction requested by the User to withdraw a certain amount of their Digital Assets from their account balance.


i) Registered Users can use the Service within the period of validity of their registration and within the scope of the purpose of these Terms and within the scope not to violate these Terms, in accordance with the method specified by the Company in advance. In using this Service, Users have carefully read this agreement and understand the contents, mechanisms, and risks of the service including the sale and purchase of Digital Assets.
ii) Registered Users will prepare and maintain computers, smartphone or tablet devices, software and other equipment, internet connectivity and any other communication mechanism necessary to receive the provision of this Service at the Users own expense.
iii) Registered Users shall take security measures such as prevention of computer virus infection, malware, unauthorized access and prevention of information leakage at the Users own expense.

Forms and methods of transaction

A. Platform

i) The Platform provides a place to match orders of Registered Users who want to sell Digital Assets (hereinafter referred to as “ Sellers “) and Registered Users who want to buy (hereinafter referred to as ” Buyers “).
ii) Sellers and Buyers may submit orders for the sale or purchase of Digital Assets and orders for the sale or purchase according to the method defined by The Company. The price to purchase and sell the virtual currency is determined by matching of the price presented by the Seller and the Buyer and The Company does not take any responsibility for the price.
iii) When the amounts presented by both parties match, it is deemed that a contract concerning the sale and purchase of the Digital Asset has been concluded between the Seller and the Buyer. Registered Users shall preliminarily acknowledge that they cannot be withdrawn after being bound by such conditions when the contract is concluded.

B. Exchange

i) Registered Users can submit Orders to sell and purchase Digital Assets according to the method prescribed by the Company. The price to sell and purchase Digital Assets is based on the price determined by the other Orders placed in the Exchange, Registered Users shall not file an objection at all. The Company does not promise or guarantee the successful fulfilment of Orders to Trade Digital Assets with other Registered Users.
ii) Once the price is determined pursuant to the provisions of the preceding issue, it is deemed that a contract concerning the sale and purchase of the Digital Asset has been established between the Registered User and other Registered User(s), accommodated by The Company. Registered Users shall preliminarily acknowledge that they cannot be withdrawn after being bound by such conditions when the contract Trade concluded. Their original Digital Assets will be exchanged with those of other Registered User(s) and this Trade is irreversible.

C. Deposit and Withdrawal

i) The Company responds to Deposits as the receipt of Digital Assets received to an Address which is generated by The Company and assigned to the Registered User and credited to their Account. Once credited, these Digital Assets can be used for trading or Withdrawn in the form of a different Digital Asset to any other Address specified by the Registered User at the time of Withdrawal.
ii) The Company will not credit Deposits of Digital Assets until there are at least 6 confirmations from the corresponding Blockchain.
iii) Withdrawals are requested by Registered Users and confirmed with a confirmation code. All confirmed Deposits are final and cannot be revered.
iv) Deposits made to an account without prior account verification on behalf of users are permitted under one condition that they cannot engage in any trading activities or services offered by The Company as long as they are not Verified.
v) Users can only use the same wallet address when performing a withdrawal transaction used to make the initial deposit when User’s account is not Verified.
vi) Users will be eligible to receive the equivalent amount of Digital Assets in the event a hard fork should occur affecting any Digital Asset that is supported by the Company when the Company is able to support the newly forked Digital Asset.

Prohibited Use

i) Acts infringing on the intellectual property rights or portrait rights of The Company, other users of this service or other third parties (including acts to directly or indirectly induce such infringement).
ii) An act of conducting the commercial use of things that have intellectual property rights and portrait rights including copyright by the Company without the prior consent of the Company and acts of reprinting to third parties.
iii) Any action relating to the privacy rights, honour, other rights or interests of privacy of the Company, its affiliated companies or other persons related to the Company or other users of this Service or any other third party directly or indirectly.
iv) Acts of soliciting using fraudulent activity, such as infinite chain letters, phishing scams, pretending to be the Company.
v) Advertising or offering services of purchasing or selling illegal goods or services in association with the Company.
vi) Acts related to criminal activities or acts contrary to public order and good morals.
vii) Acts of attempting to send information including computer viruses and other harmful computer programs or destroying or obstructing systems, servers, networks or other hardware or software managed and operated by the Company.
iix) Acts that may interfere with the management of the Service by The Company
ix) The act of using multiple accounts by one person or making third parties other than the registered user use the account.
x) The act of opening an account on behalf of a third party by using the name of another person which is either real or fake, the act of providing false information to the Company pertaining to all or a part of the Registration Information for the account.
xi) The act of accepting money from a third party originating from someone other than the Registered User in order a third party to use the Services.
xii) In the event of conducting any of the acts mentioned above, the Company may suspend Services to Registered Users without any warning or notice.

Service Suspension and Termination

The Company shall be able to suspend all or part of the use of this Service to some or all Users without prior notice and without providing any specific reason. However, the Company will use its best efforts to inform Users of the suspension and the reason for the suspension of Service.

Disclaimer and Warranty

i) The Company does not guarantee or hold any responsibility (including defect warranty liability) regarding the sale/purchase of Digital Assets or other properties related to the Service such as a virtual currency’s value, function, stability, performance etc. The Company will not guarantee the Registered User anything beyond what is stipulated in this agreement.
ii) All Users shall investigate whether the use of this service violates laws applicable to their own domestic laws and rules of industry organizations. Based on their own responsibility and expenses, The Company does not guarantee that the use of this Service by the user conforms with the laws applicable to all registered users location.
iii) Registered Users shall use this Service at their own responsibility. The Company does not guarantee the validity or compatibility of the Services to Registered User’s own computer equipment and environment.
iv) The Company may suspend, terminate, disable or change the provision of this Service. The Company delete or destroy registered user’s messages or trading information or cancel registered user accounts. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages of any kind suffered by Registered Users related to this Service.
v) The Company may provide links to other websites or receive links from other websites to The Company’s website. The Company will not use any website other than the website https://bokka.com.
vi) The Company shall be able to arbitrarily conduct transaction restrictions or restrictions from the viewpoints of laws and regulations or security, or for prevention and investigation of abnormal transactions and illegal transactions. The Company shall not be liable for any damages, etc., caused directly or indirectly.

Settlement of Disputes and Damages

i) Registered Users must indemnify the Company for damage in violation of this agreement or in case of damaging the Company in connection with the use of this Service.
ii) The Company is not responsible for any damages suffered by registered users in connection with this service. Even in cases where the Company assumes liability for damages against Registered Users regardless of the provisions of this section or other indemnities exempt from liability for damages due to the application of the Consumer Contract Law or for other reasons, up to the total amount of usage fee of this service actually received from registered users during the past month from the time of the occurrence of the damage occurrence limit.

Change of these Terms and Conditions

The Company can freely change the contents of these Terms. The Company shall be able to change these Terms. In the event that this agreement is changed, The Company will notify Registered Users of such change of content, and if the Registered User uses this service after the issuance of the notice of change of content or when the registration is canceled within the period specified by the Company, if you do not take the procedure, the Company considers that you agree to the change of these Terms.


If any provisions of these Terms are declared invalid, illegal or unenforceable according to applicable laws of Gibraltar, this shall not in any way affect or impair the validity, legality or enforceability of all other provisions of this Agreement.

Governing Laws

This agreement is governed by the laws of Gibraltar.