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XRP is Shaking Amidst Crypto Volatility

Bokka Crypto Technical Analysis XRP/BTC 30.10.18


Daily Review

A fake news report stating that Bitcoin mining could be a threat to global climate change, has caused volatility to shake the crypto markets.
XRP which was very calm last week, now looks seismographic, recording wild price swings around the 7000 level.
On the 1-hour chart the new resistance is established at 7150 satoshis while the support at 7000 was broken for a short time.
Meanwhile, the company Ripple added a new prominent team member with one of Google’s top managers joining as Vice President of Products.

Market Parameters

Current Price = 7090 sat
4 week High = 8310 sat
4 week Low = 6083 sat
Market Cap = $17.94B
24h Volume = $343M

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