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The Best Crypto Trading Platform

Bokka redefines the standards of cryptocurrency exchanges. We bring you an incomparable trading experience with all the tools and charts you need to trade both on Web and Mobile. Access live market data and multicharts with over 60 technical indicators and advanced market orders to trade with lightning quick execution, plus access to support via live chat when trading.

All-Inclusive Exchange

Bokka is an all-inclusive exchange which provides everything you need to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens.


Receive push notifications, email alerts and in-app notifications to stay up to date with the changes within your account. We will inform you about your order execution statuses, price alerts and account changes.


Easily monitor and manage your wallet balances across the entire portfolio of assets you own; see the total amount, what is reserved by pending orders and what’s available for new orders. Find your wallet address and QR code to deposit and share it.

Order Book

View the full depth of market in real time for every trading pair via the order book, as well as a blotter of all of the most recent orders matched on the exchange noting the price and volume and time of the trade.


Submit verification details in less than a minute thanks to Bokka’s easy onboarding process. Complete the form with your personal information and take or attach an image from the device gallery of your proof of identity and proof of residence.

Live Chat

Talk to our experts with a live chat feature. We operate round the clock to promptly respond to all your queries. With our customer-centric approach, we aim to provide you with premium support and technical assistance as and when needed.


All withdrawals must be confirmed via a confirmation code sent to your email and must be inserted. View and revoke all active sessions on the fly. Be notified each time your account is accessed from a new device or location.

Order Types

Advanced order types for effective trading for every strategy or style.

Market Order
Get your order filled as soon as it is placed. The requested amount will be matched with the best available price at the time it is submitted and executed against the order book.

Stop Order
With a Stop Order, once the symbol price reaches the entry price you set, a Market Order will be automatically sent, and the order will be filled at the best available price.

Limit Order
Place your limit orders which will remain in the order book until they are matched with another order on the opposite side or until they expire according to the duration applied to your order.

Market Range
While placing your Market Order, you can take advantage of the Market Range feature that allows you to predetermine the range of slippage which will be tolerated with that order.

Trading Features

Awesome charts, technical analysis tools and useful features to help you trade with ease.

There are two main ways to trade, either by using QuickTrade or with order tickets with advanced settings. QuickTrade allows an immediate Market Order to be sent upon a single tap.

Technical Analysis
All the tools needed for effective technical analysis, including trend indicators, oscillators, volatility measures and line drawings which are accessible directly from the chart.

Charts are fluid and responsive for painless price analysis. Drag or fling charts to move through time, pinch-to-zoom on a variety of time frames and chart times, with a useful crosshair tool.

Multiple watchlists can be created to categorise and save your favorite trading pairs, monitor the last trade price and easily find them later amongst the range of markets available at Bokka.