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Institutional Clients

Market Makers, Hedge Funds, Proprietary Trading Firms and Algos can plug in to Bokka, an industry leading mobile crypto exchange that offers first class trading experience and top-quality customer care.

Industry Leading Technology

Bokka’s expert team is renowned for building ultra scalable online trading solutions. The product experience portfolio includes tier-1 multi bank aggregation engines, institutional FX liquidity distribution platforms, trading platform hosting services and cross-platform retail trading applications used by millions of traders around the globe. By leveraging this know-how Bokka has developed its own proprietary, scalable and robust matching engine to support it’s thriving trading environment.

Collateral Security

Your collateral will be stored in a segregated multi-sig wallet which requires both parties to sign any outgoing transactions. Physical settlements are done post-trade.

Rebates and Bonuses

Depending on the conditions of the agreement rebates may paid based on volume and additional bonuses can be given.

Unparalleled Client Experience

Responsive, reliable and discreet, we go above and beyond to ensure our institutional clients and partners are treated with premium service.


Connect with Bokka via FIX API to trade on the exchange via your own proprietary trading desk or algorithm.


Meet your volume and spread commitment with us and operate within our terms and all trading fees are waived.


Co-locate with our dynamic trading infrastructure to take advantage of improved performance and low latency.